Lomar Farms

Our Mission

At Lomar Farms we want to create the best possible products the old fashion way, by hand and with love and attention.   The secondary goal is to be as sustainable and environmentally aware as possible.  That being said we take personal pride in learning as we go and working with nature to create the best outcomes.  We use all natural products and organic feed and supplies for the farm.   Because we consume all the bounties ourselves we make sure that only the best goes into the process.

We look forward to providing you with great products that were made with love.


LoMar Farms is located in The Hamlet of Palisades, NY, 19 miles north of NYC. We are rehabilitating the 200 year old property to be a friendly farm sanctuary that will serve the local community and our friends & family.  Currently we have an Apiary that we started in 2014 for Honey Bees.  We had our first harvest in 2015 and plan on selling Honey and other Bee based products such as Candles, Lip Balm and other lotions and potions.  We raise chickens for eggs and are considering goats for cheese in the future.   We are also growing a selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs that we plan on supplying co-ops and local restaurants as soon as we have enough to offer.   We are in the 1st phase of the Barn renovation that will include a yoga studio/community theater and farm to table pop up venue for culinary farm to table events.  See you soon…

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