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Our work highlights an organization’s story, the cause they represent, the activities they perform in the field everyday, or how viewers can be involved in their work. When compared to other forms of online content, nonprofit videos have a very promising viral potential. Within just a few moments, videos take viewers on a journey inside your organization while granting them the experience of captivating real-life stories through vision and sound.


“Find a village, encourage each other, and then open your village to others. Because it takes a village to make dreams come true”

Trigg House is a resource for women and children who receive government and non governmental support in their day-to-day lives.

The mission of Trigg House is to provide a positive and supportive environment to families in crisis, foster, and adopted children, including those recently emancipated from the foster care system.

Our programmatic focus is to empower women and children by creating opportunities for dynamic education, financial proficiency,  job readiness, physical & mental health, and general wellness.

Trigg House fosters individuals towards empowerment and self-sufficiency, nurturing future leaders of, and meaningful contributors to, our community.

Hampton Hubert Trigg’s Memorial Tribute

“Going into the service presented economic opportunity, Black people were not presented with many opportunities in the 1950’s “

Hampton Hubert Trigg was a 5″3 powerhouse who achieved great things including being an amazing husband of 60 years, a father of two adopted children Hubert and Cathleen, and an officer in the air force.

Especially personal to me, the story of how my father chose to adopt me his sweet little girl.

Hubert echos the story of many Vietnam veterans who came home to a country which didn’t accept and appreciate them when they returned from war.

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